March 24, 2019


Appearance of a denser color or increased gloss where wet and dry layers overlap during paint application.
February 24, 2019


The most widespread cause of flaking is moisture, either in the surface or deposited during painting.
February 24, 2019

Fungal Growth

This is a major cause of coating delaminating in moist, damp and poorly ventilated areas. It can appear as green, black or brown/red. The only way […]
February 22, 2019


A white, salt-like substance on the paint surface.  Frosting can occur on any paint color, but it is less noticeable on white paint or lighter tints. On masonry, it can be mistaken for efflorescence (see Efflorescence and Mottling).
February 20, 2019

Poor Plaster

Normally this is caused due to insufficient cement being mixed into the plaster. It can also been caused by too much moisture in the substrate that has not been allowed to escape.
January 16, 2018


Efflorescence consists of soluble salts formed on the surface of plaster or brick work by the evaporation of water. .
January 16, 2018

Fading Tips

Subjective term used to describe the lightening of the color of a pigmented paint following exposure to light, heat, time, temperature, chemicals, etc.
January 16, 2018

Dirt Pickup

Accumulation of dirt, dust particles and/or other debris on the paint film; may resemble mildew.
January 16, 2018


The main cause of damp is due to porous building materials. Pores act as a passageway for water in the form of rising damp and direct water penetration.
December 12, 2017


Patterned cracking in the surface of the paint film resembling the regular scales of an alligator.
December 12, 2017


Blistering may occur as a result of moisture absorbed into the old paint.
December 12, 2017


Undesirable sticking together of two painted surfaces when pressed together.